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Life is meant to be lived. Get organized, improve productivity, and take more time for yourself. If you struggle with daily accounting needs and knowing what to keep up with in your business, HBIC can help. If you are feeling unorganized and run down by the overwhelming list of “to dos” HBIC can streamline your business. HBIC will allow you to focus on revenues rather than the back-of-the-house business needs.


Conflict Resolution
POS/Booking System Installation and Training
Employee Training


Get Organized
Life Coach
Wedding Officiate
Career Counseling

Who Is HBIC?

Stephanie Postlewaite

Stephanie Postlewaite


As a parent, wife and businesswoman, I enjoy helping others find balance in their lives. In the past 10 years, I’ve traveled with archaeology, taught preschool, consulted on multiple business startups and grew a zip line into a multi-activity adventure park. Throughout the years I’ve learned to identify problems, improve processes to increase workflow and find cost-effective ways to bring new perspective to the work place.

Growing up I always played sports making me a very competitive person.
Today I enjoy coaching soccer for my kids and helping influence and nurture the young minds of our future generation. The most important lesson I can bestow on people is that life is meant to be lived, so don’t sweat the small stuff.

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